"Heather, you personify my belief that all people are amazing, you talk and walk the walk. You have inspired me and got me re-focused on my goal, which is not dissimilar to yours.  Bless you, Love and Hugs"

                                  DAVID HARRIS

"I first met Heather several years ago at a networking event and was amazed at her determination and positive attitude.  She had the ability to inspire from the first moment. Although my contact with her is infrequent, I have continued to follow her progress and can honestly say she has been an inspiration to me and I am sure many others." MARK NOBLETT            


  "Heather is a wonderful person who has   spoken at several of our courses to inspire young people.  She is extremely engaging with a wonderful sense of humour.  Our only complaint on our last course was that we only gave her an hour!"

                                DAVID WREATHALL


  "I do recommend her.  I know her reputation on other trusted networks.  She can do just about anything. Just give her the idea that you doubt it!!!"

                           MAURICE WATTS


"Heather is a TRULY amazing person. She has faced, and survived more personal tragedy (some of it life-threatening) than anyone else I know, or have heard about. Yet she remains totally grounded, honest and really hardworking. Possibly 90% of her time is spent trying to improve the lives and situations of others. A great public speaker and an absolute inspiration to all that are lucky enough to meet her. Keep up the great work Heather, looking forward to seeing you, and working with you again in the very near future."

                                                     VINCE GARVIN


"Heather is a great asset. A proven record for excellence and someone that can truly lead by example."


"Heather is an amazing woman!  She is honest, open and very genuine.  She has a wacky sense of humour and her own unique and empowering outlook on life.

She has real courage and determination and is making a huge difference to those who she comes into contact.  You will be inspired to become a better person as a result of taking the time to connect with and get to know Heather. Thank you Heather for inspiring me."                                         CHRISTINE CLACEY

" Heather is a stunning star (as well as being an amazing angel and an out-of-the-ordinary Onion!).  She is also a crazy cocktail.  This is how you make it:

Add a pint of warmth, another pint of courage, two cups of Inspiration, a whole lot of beans, a touch of madness and a heart of gold.

Meet her or you'll have missed out!"

                                                NEIL URQUHART

" I am awestruck by your ability to look at life from the 'x' axis, but I feel you're way up the graph already!  What a perspective.  And how humbling a person."                                            GUY MASSEY

 "I have been privileged to see Heather speak    at a number of events, over a period of years, and she always forges a strong connection with her audience, leaving a lasting impression. That is how much impact she delivers. I cannot recommend Heather highly enough!"

                                        JOHN HOLDER

Inspiring Lives to  Self-Empowerment

    " I have known Heather for several years.  She is a highly charged specialist motivator who really makes things happen for business.  She is business focused with an eye for adding added value to a business situation.  She has run exhibitions very successfully and I would not hesitate in working with her again.

                           LLOYD DALTON - BROWN

"Heather is unique! What I loved about her talk is that she makes everyone else feel unique as well.  Do not ever think that you have had a rough life until you hear Heather's inspirational story.  I am thankful for the opportunity to have had dinner with this woman who I agree is the sanest most inspirational person ever!!"

                                     DANIEL NORELL

"Heather is one of the most passionate, honest and congruent people that I know.

Her Keynote presentations are powerful and touching.  I have always come away from listening to her humbled and inspired.

                                      ANDY GWYNN

 "Heather is Heather - a powerful story to tell, strong, focused and determined while being sensitive, friendly and an inspiration to all who meet her."

                             RICHARD FLEWITT