Connecting with People

Do you find business is so impersonal, that you'd rather talk to your mates down the pub than go to another event?

Chances are, the people you meet waffle on about their business - and the speakers at these events, well - let's face it - sometimes you feel they're not really talking to  you, they're talking at  you.

Perhaps you don;t get it - and you feel like you're the only one in the room who doesn't.  (Y'know .... whatever they are talking about, it goes straight over your head ..... WHOOSH! ).

Believe me - I've been there too many times - and I know lots of others who have too.

So here I am - promoting myself as a Professional Speaker - joining the seemingly endless number of people who do so within the business community.

But I like to think I'm different.

And I've been told I am. ( ..... 'Course I am!!!! I AM AN ONION!!!! :) )

My Story - Inspiring Lives 

That's what I share with my audience.

My life - what I've done, what's happened to me and how I've managed to overcome things and move forward.

I also share what hasn't worked and why.

They call it Inspirational and Motivational.

I call it making a connection with people based on my personal story.  I want to share my personal experiences with you - good and bad.


Heather Bradley     International Speaker, Author, Coach & Inspirational Onion

"How I make Professional  Speaking a Personal Experience - from an Inspirational  and Motivational  Point of View! "

I'm blessed to be able to make my living doing what most people dream of, but few people actually do - making a difference to other peoples' lives by being my own true authentic self! Using anecdotes from my own life story, I take my audiences on an emotional roller-coaster ride and leave them inspired and motivated to be the best that they can be!

Whether I'm at home or jet-setting to all the far flung corners of the globe (Australia?? Turkey?? Switzerland?? UAE?? Swindon?? ) this is one place you can always find me.


Inspiring Lives to  Self-Empowerment